Mobile casinos

Online casinos are websites where you can gamble. You can place bets and play virtual games on the Internet. It's similar to regular land/bricks casinos. Online casinos are also named internet casinos, virtual casinos, web-based casinos etc.
Mobile casinos are casinos that you can play on your mobile phone. Sometimes you need do download the software, but mostly you can play in your browser, so called 'Instant Play'. The uses of mobile devices increases highly. Popular mobile devices are iPhone, Android smartphones, Blackberry, Nokia Windows Phones etc.
There are two ways of mobile playing:
1) Or players choose a mobile game 'app' to download to their phone;
2) Or he plays the mobile games in his phone built-in internet-/web browser. With this last option, the games don't hold up a valuable space in his phone memory.

Mobile phone where and how can I play?

You can play with almost every mobile device, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, iPad, WAP, and even more... .

Can I play or not?

When you are searching for a mobile casino, first look if you can register in that casino. Some online casinos are country specific. Almost every casino has restricted countries! So, it is possible that casino A is accessable to residents in US but not playable to players living in UK etc... The simplest way to find out is to registrate. You have to give up your mobile phone number. After having done this, the casino will immediately accept or not accept your phone number!

Is Internet and Mobile gambling legal or not?

Mobile playing is NOT illegal. But gambling laws differ from one jurisdiction to another. Internet and/or mobile gambling is no different. As a player you have to encounter the legality issues of playing in your area. Each player is subject to the laws set forth in your jurisdiction.

Phone Billing

Phone Billing is a popular payment option at mobile casinos. It enables players to deposit via a text message(SMS). So, you’ll pay for the deposit along with your phone bill. Not all casinos have this 'Pay by Phone Bill' option. When you pay this way, you’ll receive a 'SMS receipt' on your mobile phone and the transaction will also appear on your phone bill. It is that simple! Everyone with a phone can use this payment option but... there is usually a limit at £10 per transaction. You can deposit via phone billing with the mobile network operators O2, Vodafone, EE, Three, Virgin Mobile, Lebara, Tesco & BT. .

The advantage of Phone Billing

Depositing money via a phone bill is a whole lot easier than any other method. No mess about with passwords for e-wallets or bank details. All you need to do is select the amount you want to transfer and press the button

High players


A high roller is a gambler who wagers large amounts of money. The definition of a high roller varies. It involves bringing between $50,000 and $75,000 to the table. High roller players often have very high table limits allowing the high roller exclusive use.


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online casino

Once you have chosen the online casino where you want to play, it is up to you to take everything out of your experience. At least, the selected online casino will no longer be there. Where or what? A few ways to enjoy maximum gaming pleasure

Swap games

Of course it's great if you've found a game that makes you happy. And no-one likes to play that game time after time, but as food changes change, game play is changing. Therefore, change the game. The best online casino regularly comes with new games that are worth the effort to discover.

online casino play in the live casino

A nice tip for the classic table game lover is the live casino. In the live casino you move to the live tables as you would normally do in a real casino. The live casino offers a real time live experience, as if you are in the casino yourself. It's no wonder that in recent years more and more players have chosen for the live casino.